Welcome to MajesticForm

Here's some more information about us and what we do

We provide self-hosted contact form source code to website owners and operators. We're grateful to have helped so many by providing them with the source code they need. Whether you're an aspiring webmaster or an accomplished developer, we're here to help.

Who's behind MajesticForm

I'm Stuart, a web-developer, designer, and software architect. Many years ago when I was in charge of building and maintaining dozens of websites, I spent a lot of time building forms.

That's when I had the idea to build a contact form creator. The creator is a simple to use application that generate forms and provides all the source code needed to run them.

What we offer

We provide contact form source-code to allow you to host them on your own Servers. You have the freedom to edit the forms to meet your own needs (change the style or add new fields for example). You can also have the confidence that any data sent through your forms will not be stored on any third-party systems. You will always be in charge of the data sent through your forms, as you should be.

What we don't offer

We provide software source code that you can use on your websites. We do not host the forms for you or charge a subscription.

About our products

We have a single product that is dynamic and able to generate an unlimited number of products.

The form creator system that lets you build forms from scratch and generate full source-code that you can use on your websites.

Where are we based?

We're based in Scotland, UK.