Form creator

The Form Creator

With our Form Creator, you can easily create secure, modern, and responsive website forms using a simple drag-and-drop tool.

The form creator will generate all the source code needed to run forms on your website.

The generated code includes responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (validation and ajax submission) for the front-end and PHP for the back-end form processing.

It even supports reCAPTCHA V3 (the most powerful anti-spam protection you can get).

Latest form creator features

- Latest versions: Creator 1.4, Forms Pro 1.7

- Updated default CSS for forms (works better when used on pages with other CSS libraries).

- Forms generated using the form creator have full support for any language and come with a list of language packs.

- New Theme Editor feature which lets you pick your form colors.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the fields you want to add or sort on your forms.

drag and drop feature

Modern Styles

Two of the most popular modern styles to pick from.

Pick from two styles

Live Preview Mode

Take a peek at how your form will look as you create it.

Form preview mode feature

All HTML Field Types

Including text, select, radio, date picker, and file upload.

All HTML field types

Drag-and-drop form fields

Pick the field you want to add (from the list on the right) then drag it to your form (on the left). You can easily sort, edit, and remove the fields.

Form creator drag and drop field

Supported styles

There are two form style types available, the default one (based on Bulma CSS) and material design (based on Materialize CSS).

Use the style toggle to select your preferred style.

Form creator style

The theme editor allows you to further edit the form style to your own color theme. More on this later.

Supported field types

All HTML field types are supported. You can see each of them below in default and active states.

The Text field (single-line) is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Text field

The Textarea field (multi-line) is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Textarea field

The Select field (single) is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Select field

The Select field (multiple) is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Select multiple field

The Checkbox is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Checkbox field

The Radio group is shown in the image below. Each radio button can be displayed on separate rows or the same row (inline).

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Radio group field

The Number field is shown in the image below. It supports a minimum value, maximum value, and step value.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Number field

The Date field is shown in the image below.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
Datepicker field

The File upload field is shown in the image below. Clicking on this field will bring up your systems file picker window allowing you to pick one or more files.

Files will be attached to the email.

The generated form code will accept the most common file types, but you can edit this to match your needs.

  1. Default style
  2. Material design style
File upload field

Thank you message

Enter a thank you message to show after your form has been sent.

Form thank you message

You can also have the form redirect to your own custom page if you prefer. This option is available when you install your form.

Button text

Not happy with the standard submit button text? you can enter the value you prefer. For example "Send Message", "Send Now" or whatever you think works best for your form and website.

Form submit button text

Button position

Your forms submit button is often overlooked but can help define your style. You can pick to place your forms button on the left, middle, right, or have it the full width.

Form button position

Live preview mode

You can switch to the live preview tab to see how your form will look or switch back to the field editor mode.

Form creator preview mode

Field editor mode

In the editor mode, you can add, edit, sort, and remove your forms fields.

Form creator editor mode

Form Theme editor

Just added! The theme editor will let you select colors for all parts of the form. Use the color picker or enter the HTML hex-code.

You can also pick one from the Preset Themes.

Form creator theme editor

The theme editor is available for the "Default" style type only.

Save for later

Use the save feature so you can come back later to edit or download your forms. You can save an unlimited number of forms.

Pick an existing form

We've already created a bunch of forms to help you get started. You can choose a website form from the templates menu.

Download your forms

When you download a form, it comes as a zip package complete with an installer. Upload these files to your website and run the installer. No programming is required.

Your form package will contain everything you need to run your form entirely on your website (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP code), including the form processing and emailing.

Form features

All forms made with the form creator come with the following professional features as standard:

Getting Started

We have the 3 license options available:

All licenses are perpetual, this means you can use your downloaded forms forever and only pay once.

License options

Features Single License 5 Pack License Unlimited License
Perpetual License check check check
Spam Prevention Technology check check check
Form Source Code check check check
Unlimited Form Submissions check check check
Unlimited Fields check check check
Unlimited Forms check check check
Support Level (within 30 days) Standard Raised Priority
Upgrades Included (in months) 12 18 24
Number of Websites Licensed 1 5 Unlimited

Checkout options

Not Currently Available to Purchase

What's included

All licenses include the following:

What's needed

To use the form creator application, you need to have an up-to-date version of one of the following browsers:

To use the forms which you build with the form creator, you need to have the following: