Demonstration of our free contact form in action.

Free Contact Form

Full source code download available for the free contact form.


  • Submissions sent by email
  • HTML and Text emails
  • Email auto-responder
  • SMTP support
  • Client-side validation (using JavaScript)
  • Server-side validation (using PHP)
  • Highly customisable
  • Easy to add to your website

How to use

  • Step one - Download and unzip
  • Step two - Edit the configuration file
  • Step three - Add to your website

Free VS Pro - Feature Comparison

About the free contact form

The free contact form is designed to run on your website which allows your visitors to send messages directly to your chosen email addresses.

Is it really free?

Yes, the contact form code can be used on your personal or commercial websites at no cost.

The free version of the contact form contains a small attribution to MajesticForm which appears under the free contact form. This must remain intact to legally use it. If you'd prefer an attribution free version (which comes with many more features), please consider the pro contact form version.

You must NOT use the free form code on any adult, hate or illegal websites. Contact us to check if you're unsure.

Configuring the free contact form

It's easy to configure, just add your email address to the configuration file and it's ready to go. But many more advanced configuration features are available if you need them.

Email customisation

You have full control to style the emails as you want. Free contact form comes with a basic HTML and TEXT email templates, you can edit these to meet your own needs.

Form validation

When your visitor uses your free contact form, the form validator will check the fields have been completed correctly.

By default, the validation will make sure the user enters no more than 100 characters into the Name field, provides a valid email address, and enters no more than 3000 characters into the Message field. The Phone number field is optional and should not contain more than 30 characters.

The validation is done in real-time by JavaScript in the browser and also checked again on the Server by PHP.

Form styling

Free contact form is styled using custom stylesheets. You can edit this to match your website fonts and colours easily.

Is free contact form the same as pro contact form?

Although most of the features are the same, some advanced features have been reserved just for contact form pro.

The free contact form version was built with our form creator application, but to make it free, the following features are not included: installer, anti-spam protection, additional language files, and file upload and attachment support (find out more).

Download and setup

To set up free contact form on your website, first download and extract the files. Then add your email address to the configuration file (fcf-assets/fcf.config.php), and upload it to your website.

More details on this can be found on the free contact form installation page.

Download No Longer Available

If you run into any problems, please read the help page and also consider getting in touch with us for support.

Your feedback

To help us improve free contact form, your feedback is vital. We would be grateful if you could spare 2 minutes to send us your feedback.

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