Free VS Pro - Feature Comparison

The free forms are built using many of the same features of Pro.

Below is a list of some of the most notable features.

Feature List

Form Source Code check check
Fully Responsive check check
HTML and Text Emails check check
Email auto-responder option check check
Form Validation check check
SMTP Email Support check check
Own Branding   check
Form Installer   check
Form Creator Access   check
Spam Prevention Technology   check
File Attachment   check
Additional Styles and Themes   check
Additional Language Support   check
Help and Support   check
Latest Features First   check
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Form Source Code

Forms are provided in a zip file that contains all the needed source code to host a fully functional form. The code includes the HTML form, CSS for styling, JavaScript for validation, and PHP for form processing.

Fully Responsive

The forms are designed using modern HTML and CSS so that the forms are responsive to different device sizes.

HTML and Text Emails

The emails which are generated by the forms are sent in both HTML and Text so they can display the best possible way on any email clients.

Email auto-responder option

You can enable an auto-responder email to be sent to your site visitors after they complete your form.

Form Validation

When your visitors use your forms, the form validation will check that the fields have been completed correctly. The validation is done in real-time by JavaScript in the browser and also checked again on the Server by PHP.

SMTP Email Support

You have the option to use your hosting environment's configured default PHP emailing or specify any SMTP server to send your form emails. SSL/TLS is also supported so that your emails are sent securely.

Own Branding

Pro Feature

The free form is branded with a MajesticForm reference, however, the Pro version doesn't have any client-facing branding.

Form Installer

Pro Feature

To make your setup as easy as possible, the form package comes with an installer. This is a form where you enter the settings for your form. You are asked to provide information including email address to receive the form submissions, language, email subject line, and reCaptcha settings.

Form Creator Access

Pro Feature

With our Form Creator, you can easily create secure, modern, and responsive website forms using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Spam Prevention Technology

Pro Feature

reCaptcha V3, which is an anti-spam security system provided by Google can be used to protect your forms from bad traffic and bots. Just provide your unique reCaptcha keys and the form will automatically integrate with the reCaptcha service. Check out our guide on how to set-up a reCaptcha account.

File Attachment

Pro Feature

Support for single or multiple file attachment with form submissions. File attachment configuration allows you to specify which file types are allowed and the maximum file size.

Additional Styles and Themes

Pro Feature

The Pro version is available in two main styles and a bundle of color themes. The form creator also includes a theme editor.

Additional Language Support

Pro Feature

Both versions support any language, however, the Pro version takes this a step further by showing validation errors in your chosen language. We currently offer 10 languages, and more are coming soon. But even better, you can easily add a language file and define validation messages with the words you want.

Help and Support

Pro Feature

We try to offer help to both Free and Pro customers, however, Pro customers come first and will receive the best support possible.

Latest Features First

Pro Feature

New features will always be made available to the Pro version first. Some of the new features may be made available in the Free version at a later stage.

Need more information?

If there's a feature you don't understand or something which you think is missing, then please contact us for more details.